By Jenniflower

From unique portraits, to individualised holistic massage treatments henna body art, illustrations and childrens' books to organically grown gourmet mushrooms. Check out the links below to see how we can help you, here at "by jenniflower"


Fantastical watercolour and pen art: drenched in wildflowers and wellness. With a flavour of fungi and foraging.

My art is inspired by my passion in and curiosity of, native wildflowers and foraging, natural therapies and wellness, henna art and creative writing.


Working with both ancient philosophies of healing and modern massage techniques that restore and re-inspire your body’s own ability to heal. These treatments yield deeply restorative outcomes through initiating deep levels of relaxation.


Uniquely stylised henna body art, created for each person, using only natural, gorgeous henna for a beautiful temporary tattoo. Whether you choose a group booking, an individual appointment or a precious pregnancy tummy design. "By Jenniflower" is happy to henna.

Wildflower Balms

Beautiful wildflower balms, lovingly made with locally foraged or homegrown, wildflowers. Infused in organic olive oil and gently blended with organic, raw, unrefined shea butter and organic beeswax with a synergistic blend of essential oils. These balms can be bought separately or added to your holistic massage treatment

Poetry and Creative Writing

To enjoy some verbal forays into motherhood, why not check out my blog of those earliest of days of becoming a solo mother of a toddler and her band new twinkle siblings and some of our (mis-)adventures living in Orkney.

Illustrations and children's Books

I am available to illustrate your book with beautifully stylised artwork that sings with nature, has a hint of henna and brings your writing to life.

Beatrix's Heart Journey

For all massage and Art related queries please get in touch.

I am happy to help.