Fantastical Watercolour and pen art

drenched in Wildflowers and wellness with a flavour of fungi and foraging.

My art is inspired by my passion in and curiosity of native wildflowers and foraging, natural therapies and wellness, henna art and creative writing.
Available for commissions


A3 pen and watercolour painting on A3 acid-free, unbleached, cold-pressed cotton, for unique portraits of loved ones.
Portraits are completed; drenched in wild-flower wonders, with nature-filled backgrounds, cherished quotes and watercolour magic. Taking a favourite photograph and transforming it into something fantastical, honouring the subject of the painting.

Unique Watercolour And Pen Art Portrait Gift Certificate

This £75 Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for loved ones, friends or family. You will receive a lovingly created A3 portrait, on coldpressed, acid-free, cotton paper, 300GSM. Your portraits will be a whimsical interpretation of your favourite photograph: drenched in wildflowers and wellness.

What will I need from you?

  • You will need to email a high quality photograph or selection of high quality photographs to work from

  • A special poem or song/quote if you would like words to be incorporated into your final piece.

  • Collection in person is free or an additional £10 P&P will be needed

Get in touch to discuss your commission.

Book art

Illustrations and Children's author

I am available to illustrate your book with beautifully stylised artwork that sings with nature, has a hint of henna and brings your writing to life. Having recently illustrated a book that is going to be published to raise money for The Born Free Foundation, and written by a local child.
I am also working on my own mindful adventure called "Hens' Big Day Out!" A beauty full tale of two hen friends, who escape out of their garden with a little help from their bunny family, when their humans go to town. The book follows the hens adventuring to all of their favourite spots, enjoying moments of stillness and beauty and connection. But do they make it home before their humans' return?

In addition to "Hens' Big Day Out" I am lovingly writing and illustrating a bedtime story about a dear little girl called Bea. For 14 moths Beatrix lived in hospital, awaiting the gift of life: A new heart. This story is a magic filled memoir of little events and people in her hospital life. I am still seeking publication of this book, in a hope to raise funds for her family as they adjust to life at home now Beatrix has that miraculous gift of a new heart from her "Hero inside".

If you have a book to illustrate, please email to discuss prices. Illustrations are available on a sliding scale of cost for charities and community organisations.

My adventure in art

I have always had a deep love for art and nature.

When I was a teenager oil painting with my finger tips was my medium and method of choice. I studied Art for GSCEs and at A Level and then signed up to a Foundation Degree in Art which I abandoned for traveling to India. I had never had any faith in my ability to create art or to carve a wondrous career path of my own, so until my mid twenties, I settled for the mundane and thought no more about "my path". I still painted throughout my life and doodled henna, but never fully appreciating my passion or skills until I started truly investing in my happiness when I was studying and practicing Holistic therapies and Holistic living at the grand young age of 26.

I started offering henna body art alongside the therapies I was practicing and I would create art to fill my treatment spaces..... to be continued...